Grosmimi Canada


Grosmimi Canada

Grosmimi Canada is the Sole Official Distriutor in Canada wide for Brand Grosmimi (Korea).


Better Choice For Moms!

In French, a compound word of GROS and MIMI means “Great Kissing”, we know how much moms love their baby and we care as much as you do, by providing the safest and best baby bottles as we can, Grosmimi will always be your better choice!

The number 1 premium feeding brand in KOREA.

All of our Grosmimi bottles and accessories are imported from Korea, being Korea’s most famous brand, a lot of moms trust the quality and design of Grosmimi bottle range nowadays, wondering why?


Smart designs with varies colors! The straw and spout use “+ cut system” that allows no leak. Straw cups can be used in 2-ways: with the tube(allows to drink while sitting down), and without the tube(allows to drink while lying down).