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PPSU Dotgom Straw Cup 2.0 - Butter (200mL/300mL)
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PPSU Cherrish Straw Cup 2.0 - Sweet Peach (200mL/300mL)
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New Designed PPSU Straw Cup

Check out our most awarded PPSU Straw Cup - Novelty Award by HiSeoul
Thermal Stainless Steel Straw Cup 1.0 (300mL)
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What is PPSU ???

PPSU is short for polyphenylsulfone, which is the highest performing thermoplastic that gives better durability and heat tolerance than PP and PES. PPSU is transparent, high heat resistant and with excellent hydrolysis stability. PPSU stands up to repeated sterilization and prevents odor or color absorption. It is naturally BPA free, it’s a safer and better material for baby feeding bottles. Despite its supreme durability, it is advisable to change your PPSU bottles yearly.

Olive - Cherrish - Dotgom - Essten

Baby Food Jar Set


New Stainless Straw Cup Family


Grosmimi x DotToDot

Two Premium brands made things better more than ever. Grosmimi x DotToDot product series



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