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Easy Foam Brush for Bottle & Teat (5 pcs)

Type: Brush
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Easy Foam Brush For Bottle & Teat (5 pcs)

Caution, For Your Child's Safety and Health

- Keep it out of the reach of children.

- Make sure to wash and dry in shaded area after use.

- Do not sterilize in hot water, microwave and chemicals.

- UV sterilizer can be sued, but long periods of use may cause discoloration, deformation, or lamp odor.

- Keep away from fire and direct sunlight

- Due to the nature of the sponge material, it may be partially discoloured when used, but there is no problem with the quality of the product. 

- If you overpress when using, the sponge may tear and may end up scratching the products, or tearing the nipples, sp replace them with new products immediately.

Handle / Stick: Max Temp. 100 degrees Celsius

Brush: Max Temp. 80 degrees Celsius