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Dome Type One-Touch Cap (Cap Only)

Type: Accessories

* Compatible with Grosmimi Feeding Bottles, Straw Cups and all type of One-Touch Cap Version

* Two colors available: White / Cream Beige


1. Always use it under adult's supervision, and do not use it for other purposes. It can cause safety accidents.

2. Do not use immediately after you put hot drinks. It can cause backflow and burns yourseslf.

3. Any impacts caused by dropping or bumping can damage the parts, and end up leaking.

4. The button on the front can be disassembled by impacts. It is not refundable/exchangeable for these reasons.

5. Do not sterilize in boiled water.

6. Do not uses microwave ovens.

7. Please be careful as the top of the cap opens quicker when the straw is assembled.

8. Do not shake with the cap open. The joints may be disassembled and cause injury or damage